Don’t wait for perfect moment make the moment perfect!

Hello everyone.. one we sometimes think we will achive the goal and we sometimes think Ooo it is easy to finish the job because we have the skill but in reality when we enter into it we know it what it is!

Isn’t it,we always postpone the things because we feel we cannot do at that moment we didn’t make the moment as perfect to do the thing …

Don’t postpone the moment because daily progress is needed to get the success in our life…

Don’t count the failures which you cross in your life because those are teachers to you ,don’t angry with the people who enjoys by seeing failures because there are just audience in your life they don’t know you,if nobody supports you don’t lose hope because you have our own strength…


Sucess does not come from luck.

Some people says success comes from luck some says it comes from our hardwork some says it is a journey of failures like that world says different ways,but the peraon who got success only knows what it means.

From a student to a old man journey is different from us, a student who want pass marks is a success to him,a buissness man who wants profit in his buissness success to him ,a pregnant women who born a healthy baby is success to her,a father who gives all things to his children’s a success to him,a unemployee who got job with good salary is success to him,a bachelor who got married is success to him,like that in people they assumes the meaning of success is differnt

Don’t wait for luck which don’t listen our words don’t open your mind doors for luck which never comes to you,u see different people who got success through their luck’s.

Sometimes we work hard and dream big but which does not lead to success at that time we think to leave that at that time we fail when we give don’t give up.

So,my point of view don’t lose hope and never be sad in bad situations also definetly your hardwork pay off.

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Before Eraser bread was used to erase things!!

Yes,you heard the correct before the eraser invention 🍞 bread was used to erase the things now a days we simply used the erasers but before that all people uses the breads to erase .it’s really interesting is n’t it ?

In 1770 eraser was invented first pencil was invented it take two centuries to invent eraser .

Days dreams will come true!!

We dreams at daytime some people says the dreams which occurs at the day time will becomes true sometimes it becomes true and sometimes are not .Actually in our dreams we often sees that we fell down from a height and slides occurs like that .

You know we can not write in our dreams , This is a fact .

Sometimes we saw some people are dying in our dreams it becomes so afraid in all that night but the people says those persons age will increase by dying in the dreams .

Girls often fall in love with the funny persons

90% of people cries when they listen sad songs.

Most of the dreams are fallen from a height.

Most of the intelligent people have tendency to forget things

The average person fall asleep in 7 minutes.

Most of the men’s don’t not share their problems.

Brain becomes weaker with age .

When life gives you more problems what you do?

After one problem solves ,another problem is ready to come in our life .But we don’t know how to deal and handle and we fears to face the problems because the people and the most of the quotes we read they says problems gives strength and it gives experience in our life.

Offcourse ,but some problems teaches the best lessons in our life,because without problems we don’t know who is the best person ,and who is the real friend and who is our enemies.

Without the problems we don’t know the value of the things .iam not saying we need full of problems in our life .

When the problem come in our life don’t blame for others just accept the problem and think who is the key of this problem,who opens the lock of the door,don’t cry,and think why all problems comes to me not anyone just accept you only the strongest persons that why the problem comes to you.

Last but not the least every lock has a key don’t break it just open it with a key..