How internet works internally

Hey ,iam asking a question to u before I started what is your opinion in the internet because I asked so many people who give different opinions on the internet let me explain you first you will also enjoy I asked a boy who is in 5th standard about wha5 os internet he just stays it contains games because since his birth he addicted to games,I asked who uses her android mobile for making calls only she says it is used for calls with freebalance after purchasing pack ,I asked a studious girl who is always reading books she says by using internet we can get all study materials like that,l Ike that somebody says it is used for listening songs,chatting,making thing easy,taking selfie etc….but iam asking yOu what is internet plz give me reply before reading this,in my opinion there all are correct because there are using the internet in their opinion to do their works but internet means it is a combination of all things we can’t see the internet but we utilize it

How the internet works internally:

Normally we purchase the pack of monthly else 3 month offer or else annually but we know how will get the data when we browse in our mobile or laptop. Let ,me explain you when you type anything on the browser your internet service provider received the request from you and connects to the main server which contains all the data which was already stored the data ,here internet service provider means when we purchase our pack like jio,idea etc those are the internet service provider.

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